What We Do For You

For every contractor, we provide the following service in relation to the Security of Payment Act in every Australian State:

  • Assess and review the documents and determine that a valid payment claim can be made for the construction work.

  • Review all claim related documents and prepare a Payment Claim. A draft is sent to you the client for review and approval.
  • Serve the claim on your behalf to the party for whom you have done the work, or supplied Goods or Services.

  • Prepare Adjudication Applications in draft for your review and approval

  • Lodge your Adjudication Application with an Authorised Nominating Authority.

  • If an amount is found payable to you, then we calculate that amount together with any applicable interest and adjudication fees and send the total amount to your debtor.

  • If payment is not made we will prepare all documentation required to enable you to enforce the decision for however long it takes.