Contractor payments recovered to date

2021 – $4,973,979 52
2022 – $4,663,791 47
2023 – $7,793,020 70
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Australia’s Trusted Security of Payment Specialist
Over $85 Million Recovered

We’ve put over $85 million dollars in progress payments back in contractor’s pockets since 2006

Contractors Debt Recovery will prepare your payment claim, adjudication application, and enforce your decision perfectly, using our years of experience and industry knowledge of all Australia’s Acts:

These are sometimes referred to as the SOP Act, BCISOPA, SOPA, or sometimes even the Securities of Payment Act!

The Security of Payment Act is a very technical process, but an effective one, in allowing the payment dispute to be decided one way or another. Our expertise lies in preparing your claim and adjudication application perfectly, with high levels of detail and well-presented documents and evidence.

We will argue hard for every cent you are owed. That is why we have been so successful over the years with over a thousand construction contractor clients and millions recovered every year!

John KissJohn Kiss
09:01 05 Jul 22
These guys are total profesional in what they do. They reccovered the full amount of $18,500 that a client didnt want to pay. Thanks to the team for recovering my debt. Highly recommend these guys.
Raffaella StefanovskiRaffaella Stefanovski
05:57 24 Jun 22
Highly recommend Contractors Debt Recovery. Seamlessly guided every step of the way, with a better than expected outcome. Thank you Anthony
Nick PetersonNick Peterson
03:20 23 May 22
Anthony and his team were extremely knowledgeable and professional throughout the entire process which yielded a fantastic result for us. Highly recommended.
Annette O'SheaAnnette O'Shea
05:52 28 Apr 22
Anthony and his team achieved a great outcome for our Company, where 100% of the debt was paid. This was attributable to their efficiency and processes and clear instructions as to what was required from myself. This is the second time we have utilised the services of this company. And on both occasions a very successful outcome was achieved. I couldn't recommend them more highly.
Danny KimDanny Kim
07:19 28 Mar 22
We engaged CDR recently to help retrieve funds from a builder and we were extremely happy with their services. Anthony and his team are highly knowledgeable and experts in this field. If you are looking for a company for any debt recovery problems, look no further and give these guys a call.Thank you once again team, we are so grateful for your services. All the best for now.

The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999.  It came into force in 2000 and has since had a number of amendments. It has become the model for the version of the Acts that have come into effect in all Australian States except Western Australia and the Northern Territory; whose adjudication process is based on a British model. Every year there are around 700-1000 adjudication applications in NSW.

The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002.  It came into force in 2002 and had a major amendment in 2007. Every year there are around 300-400 adjudication applications in Victoria.

The Building and Construction Industry (Security of Payment) Act 2009. It came into force in 2010. We have run some very successful matters in A.C.T since 2010 and recovered over $255,000.00 in payments.

The Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004. It came into force in 2004 and has since had a number of amendments. It is perhaps the most amended Act in the country with some changes not working as well as hoped. Every year there are around 500-600 adjudication applications in Queensland.

The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2009. It came into force in 2011 even though it was passed in 2009! We have run some very successful matters in SA since 2012 and recovered over $811,000.00 in payments, and the Act remains as effective in South Australia as anywhere else.

The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2009. It came into force in 2010. We have run some very successful matters in Tassie since 2012 and recovered over $100,000.00 in payments plus one huge matter for $1.6 million!

The Construction Contracts Act 2004. It came into force in 2004 and had a major amendment in 2007. Every year there are around 150-200 adjudication applications in WA.

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To all subcontractors, please don’t be stood over by Builders. We currently engaged Anthony from Contractors Debt Recovery to help us recover $45,800.00 from a major builder who, as most of them think don’t have to pay their final accounts, on the pretence that subbies are all small and wont chase it up through the courts due to the time and money it would cost. After speaking to Anthony he told us how to protect ourselves against this occurring and how to go about recovering the monies owing.

Thanks To Anthony and his team after a period of 2 months we recovered our outstanding Monies, and now have it in our Bank where it belongs. Yes there was a cost but nowhere near if we had gone legal; and the time saved was enormous. I would encourage any subbie to speak to Anthony and his team if in the position we found ourselves in.

$45,800, Joinery Contractor

I was in a great financial crisis last year in June 2015 as my client who is a prominent property group took a U turn on the payment of my invoices amounting $77,000.00. I had done over 35 Designs for his projects one after the other and I trusted them that they will pay my fees. However, they started twisting my arm to accept $ 22,800.00 only and started disputing on many items of my invoices which were clearly made a part of our signed contract. It was very frustrating.

I started searching legal help in the internet and found Contractors Debt Recovery’s website and came to know about Anthony Igra who had a number of references and testimonials on the company’s web portal.

After reading a few I developed confidence that all is not lost yet. I found a ray of hope to recover my payment from the dishonest, cunning and cheating developer. Thereafter I contacted him on the telephone and went along with his advice which had a number of steps including submission of my signed contracts for each of the 35 cases, copies of the certified and completed designs and the invoices.

Anthony with his professional expertise and vast experience of recoveries of debts prepared everything on my behalf and served on the Respondent. Although the client had prominent lawyers who responded to the letters, they had no experience in dealing with Anthony on this subject. Anthony systematically nullified their legal responses and moved the claim to adjudication.

The adjudicator examined the submissions thoroughly and the terms of contract based on AS 4122 – Conditions of Contract for Design Consultants. Their interpretation of the terms and examination of my claims resulted in a determination for the respondent to pay $56,800.00 to me within a week which included fees of $5,445.00. I saw the client who had a band wagon of experienced and clever lawyers desperate to pay my cheque of $56,800.00 before the deadline as they were very much scared of the consequences of disobeying the Adjudicator – and Anthony’s next move.

I, who had lost my confidence earlier, feel very strong. The 36 page verdict of the Adjudicator has recharged my batteries to claim the balance payments held up by this developer.

I take this opportunity to laud Anthony for his professional ability to recover such a large amount. It was a very hard slap on the Respondent’s face. These guys have a very bad reputation in the market and bad payment history as most of the electricians who met me had been unpaid at some stage or the other and they stopped working for them.

$56,800.00, Electrical Design

An overwhelming thank you to the Support of Anthony and Melanie from CDR! When we thought we would never see the money owed to us for contracts completed over 12 months ago!

With all your guidance and support and the patience with a new client the experience has been easy and ending in excellent results for our small business. We would HIGHLY recommend your services to those stuck. Your company will be who we turn to if we ever need help again… The kindest thank you C&K.

$5,579, Roofing Contractor

Anthony, thank you for your assistance in the above matter it was your knowledge of the act and the way you presented our case that gave us the determination that we were looking for.

I never thought they would give in; thought they would take next step and defend the discussion and with the cost of that we would have had to give in. This morning it was to our delight that we found a deposit from them for $51,340.00 in our account.

Again thank you and will be in touch if ever we require your assistance again (let me say I hope not but we do work in the Building Industry).

$51,340, Joinery Contractor

I just wanted to thank you very much for the successful outcome of the claim for non-payment of final invoices from the builder I was contracted to do work for. As a small subcontractor bricklayer, it is a minefield of legalities that sees me way out of my depth and throughout the whole process the CDR team were extremely positive, professional and persistent in the pursuit of recovering my monies and guiding me throughout the whole process every step of the way to achieve the best possible outcome 100% funds and expenses recovered. I would not hesitate to pass on your details to other contractors who may find themselves in the same situation and can’t thank you enough for everything you have done.

$13,830, Bricklayer

Many thanks for helping us get paid for work we had carried out on a project. Our client dug his heels in and flatly refused to pay for work done. You (CDR) submitted a professional adjudication submission which led to a painless process resulting in us receiving the full amount owed. Thank you again and we would not hesitate recommending Anthony and his team in the future.

$19,143, Insulation Installation

Many thanks to Anthony and Melanie from CDR team for all your insight and support.

Our experience once again has been excellent, results excellent, and we highly recommend your services. We will not hesitate to use again.

$9,852, Labour Contractor

We are a plumbing company and owed a reasonable size debt from a large contracting firm. We were recommended to Contractors Debt Recovery by another subcontractor and never looked back. Anthony and his team went to work straight away. We had hased this money for a considerable amount of time and effort but with Contractors Debt Recovery streamlined approach to adjudication we received all monies owed to us a short period of time.

Thank you Anthony & Mel for all your help and support as it was the first time we had had to go through this and you made it very simple. I would recommend Debt Recovery to anyone who is waiting on overdue payments.

$153,000, Plumber