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How to Use Photos

Video Transcript

Hi, Anthony from Contractors Debt Recovery back again and today talking to you about the power of photographs. You must photograph your work and it’s so easy today. You can do it with your phone. Obviously, a digital camera that you have with you, so easy to do, and so easy to record, and so easy to print. There’s no excuse. Now photos are fantastic. Not only are they worth a thousand words. They can be worth a $100,000 to you in a payment dispute. So what you need to be doing is to be photographing your work at key milestones or when key parts of the work are complete.

If you can photograph clearly scope items from your scope of your work even better because you can show how the work is unfolding and the how the progress is being made. And the best thing about photos is they record the state of the work at a specific date. And have that date function up on the screen so when you print the photo you can see the date of the photo was taken. This is excellent, excellent, powerful evidence in a payment dispute.

I once had a case where some fire curtain boxes were smashed by contractors who’s came in after the fire contractor. But he had taken a whole a pile of photo to show that when he finished the work they were perfect. That’s the kind of situation I’m talking to you about. So you should be taking photos every few days or preferably everyday and logging them in some way. So that when a Security of Payment dispute arises you got easy access. You can pull them out and say well this is how the state of the works were at that particular day.

The power of those even extends further. The power of photos you can block that charges. You can combat allegations of defective work and you can also talk about the order of the work. What work was done when and just by reference to the date of the photo really helps you prove your point. So just to summarize photos are powerful, irrefutable evidence in a payment dispute. Take some everyday or at least every few days or at key milestones or key completions in your work. Photographs scope work if possible or most important scope works.

And finally file them in an organized way get to them quickly without fumbling about. Store them on the computer or print them and file them in the job folder so that it’s very easy to get to if a Security of Payment dispute arises. So remember that. Make it real in your business and I’ll see you next time.